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The technology for crops cultivation uses intelligent lighting specifically tuned for cultivation in the plant factory where the temperature, humidity & CO2 are controlled.


Your health and well-being are our priority. All our vegetables are safe to consume as they are pesticide-free and do not contain artificial chemicals and preservatives.

Better in Nutrition and Quality

Our vegetables are packed with more nutrition compared to imported ones. Cultivating theme locally under specially tailored conditions and harvesting only at their peak to help retain their freshness and nutritional value.

Highly Stringent Standards

Our vegetables can be enjoyed with a peace of mind, thanks to our facility’s international HACCP certification which is based on the most stringent standards. Our indoor farm also has a process traceability system and product recall capability.

Stable Supply

Unaffected by weather conditions and seasonal changes, our crop supply achieves an optimum yield rate and is available all year round.

Harvested and Delivered Fresh Daily

Freshness is the key to get the most nutrients and flavours our of vegetables, and we make that a priority at Veggie Life. With our cold chain management system, we ensure that our vegetables are harvested, packed and delivered on the same day, bringing uncompromised freshness and quality from our farm to you.

Sustainable Urban Farming

Our vegetables are grown vertically in our indoor farm, thus saving land and space. The carbon footprint generated from the transportation, processing and storing of vegetables is significantly reduced through efficient utilisation of space and technology.